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Introducing Sugar Mamma’s

Since 2010 Sugar Mamma’s Mini Donuts have been serving up fresh mini donuts cooked in organic coconut oil at festivals and events around Toronto. Topped with traditional cinnamon & sugar, salted caramel, honey glaze or their new custom Nutella drizzle, their donuts are the perfect snack for any event. You can find Keith and Wade […]

Developing the “Zombie Truck”

The Zombie Truck Concept I am certainly not the first to come up with the idea of vehicle to survive the apocalypse, whether it be from zombies or some human inflicted armageddon. The internet is filled with photos and renderings of something commonly known as PAV’s (post apocalyptic vehicles), which are essentially real vehicles or […]

Experiencing Temagami

Friend of the RHD Club Jim Baird took his trusty Mitsubishi Pajero out for another expedition, this time to the Temagami for a fishing excursion. “We head out understeel grey clouds and splashes of deep blue sky, pushing along Lake Temagami’s Northeastern Arm in 15-horsepower aluminum boats. Despite the moderate speed provided by the motorboatsrented […]

Right-hand drive: From Grand Turismo to the real thing

David Bognar loved driving his mint 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 convertible — until he spotted Godzilla lurking in his Mississauga neighbourhood. The Skyline GT-R — Nissan¹s technological tour de force with a turbocharged straight-six engine and electronically controlled all-wheel drive — was nicknamed Godzilla by the Australian motor press after it amassed 29 consecutive victories […]

Driving from the ‘wrong’ side: Right-hand-drive in Canada

The woman at the drive-through window was not amused with our right-hand drive antics. “Hi, how are you?” she said through the little speaker by the passenger window. “Um, hi, good thanks. Can you talk a little bit louder because I’m on the wrong side of the car?”   Stupid story short, I managed to […]

Right Hand Drive: Enthusiasts Whimsy or Working Mans Tool

The Nissan GT-R is incredibly popular—partly because of its outstanding performance (all-wheel-drive, turbocharger, etc.), partly because of its outstanding value but a big part of that car’s following is the cult that surrounds it. Nissan has a few sources to thank for that; video game franchises like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport for featuring many […]

Top Ten tips to consider for winter car storage

For owners of sports cars in Canada, fall is a sad time of year as it marks the end of the driving season and get’s us thinking about winter car storage. Just about everyone with a hobby car stores their special ride during the winter months to spare it from the abuse of our harsh […]