Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to join the club to get an insurance quotation?

Companies love targeting collective groups for discounts on their products, pending they can get through to the entire group in one swoop.   So having a combined group representing all RHD and Specialty vehicle owners is the only way we can assemble amazing discounts like Insurance availability and vendors to offer the group discounts.   Should the government ever require hard usage data, having a collective will also create the perfect sample base.

In more detail, if Company X is offering a 10% reduction on goods and services that only 1% of any membership group will use, then their promotion is not very successful and does not warrant the discount.  If however, the company sees a large membership base then they can justify the savings simply based on the number of conversions/sales they will make.

The larger the number, the bigger the affinity – which is why needs to stay banded as the ultimate ownership group of RHD and Specialty vehicles, or else we risk losing the discounts and special programs offered to us as a collective.

Why do I have to get a certified appraisal in order to qualify for insurance coverage?

Part of the agreement with the current insurance provider was to be transparent with all appraisal details, as part of your rate is based on the value of your vehicle.  Over the years, many appraisers have misquoted JDM and Specialty units at a valuation too high or too low.  One scenario affects the Insurance Company and one affects the Customer.  Our goal is to offer the cheapest Appraisals available in Ontario through our expert International appraiser team, which will give reliable, true replacement value data to the company and the customer.  This protects both parties involved at a minimum cost.

What if I don’t like the Insurance rate, can I get my $9.95 monthly fee back?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time, however if you are an owner of a RHD or Specialty vehicle and don’t require our insurance, we hope that you would retain your membership to be notified of industry news, discounts to over 100 stores/programs and exclusive access to RHD/Specialty shows and track events. Allowing the club to serve as a database of members will help the entire community be stronger and negotiate as a collective.

What are some of the other benefits I will get by being a club member?

All of the benefits members can expect to receive can be found here: Club Benefits

How often is my Club payment due?

Your Club payment is due monthly, from the date you joined (i.e. October 8th join, has recurring charges on the 8th of each subsequent month).  Monthly recurring charges of $12.99/month from RHD Club will appear on your credit card statement.

How long after I submit my Insurance questionnaire will I receive my Insurance?

This generally varies depending on how complex your quotation is but most clients will have an insurance quotation within 5 days.

What if I have tickets/accidents on my record, can I still be insured?

Yes, regular market coverage generally allows for 1 or 2 tickets in a 3 year period, and/or 1 or 2 accidents in a 6 year period.  If you are a risky driver, then your insurance options will be limited for a LHD or a RHD vehicle.  Club insurance is designed to give regular market clients regular market rates, and there are no caveats specifically on driving records that exceed the normal insurance tolerances.

Am I guaranteed cheap insurance?

No, but thus far everyone who has qualified for the regular market has received significant savings on their premium.  There are many factors affecting a quotation – most of them are personal.  With RHD Club Insurance in place, RHD and Specialty vehicles are no longer one of the factors that exorbitantly increase your rates.

Do I have to switch everything over if I insure through the club?

No, but you will save lots of money if you do.  By having Regular market insurance available for RHD and Specialty vehicles, combining other vehicles and other policies can save you up to 25% per year!