Dear RHD Club Members

RHD was excited to celebrate the launch of the club in 2015, when we announced the availability of the exciting and exclusive insurance option for Ontario-based RHD vehicle owners, underwritten by one of the largest Insurance carriers in Canada, backed by a fantastic Canada wide Brokerage network.  Since the launch, many RHD Club members have successfully secured significantly reduced insurance rates for their vehicle(s), and when combined with other insurance products, are seeing large reductions in their overall personal monthly insurance spend.  We are delighted by this, and look forward to hearing of more success stories.

However, some members didn’t get the rate discounts they expected.  We were quite concerned about this and quickly starting working on fixes. As with any complex, innovative offering, the devil’s in the details. Getting the car running is one thing – turning fast lap times is quite another.

Our goal is to offer a variety of cost saving benefits to all our members, with insurance savings being one of the most sought after.  So it’s critical to us that this program, its features and the entire sign-up and qualification processes work flawlessly and meet your needs.  We’re working hard to sort out any challenges posed by this process, both for members and the underwriters and brokers.

In the meantime, we have paused the submission of new applications to the Insurer until we are satisfied all issues have been resolved.  We have recently made excellent progress in resolving all the outstanding issues – and expect to be able to re-launch the program shortly – better than ever.

During this time we still encourage new members to sign up and complete their Insurance Questionnaires as they will still be prioritized based on the date/time of their submissions.

We trust that all members will support our decision.

Sincerely, RHD Club